3 Easy dreidel activities for preschoolers

Here are 3 easy dreidel activities to do with your toddlers and preschoolers in preparation for Chanukah. You need a lot of dreidels, but other than that, they can be done with items found in your house or classroom.

 dreidel patterns template free download

Dreidel sorting

For this activity, we counted dreidels and had to sort them by color.

Materials needed:

  • cups/bowls
  • lots of dreidels in various colors
  • optional:  muffin pan
  • dreidel sorting printable linked below

I pasted a different colored dreidel on each cup with a number on it. To make it easier, I placed it in muffin tins. Each child got a pile of dreidels. They had to count out the correct amount of dreidels in the specified color. This was a great combination of sorting and counting activity and the kids really enjoyed it.

Dreidel sorting template from A Jewish Homeschool Blog. Scroll down to Chanukah and select "dreidel sorting".


Dreidel Patterns

In this activity, your students will learn to create patterns. Depending on their age, you can have them do simple ABAB patterns or you can make it trickier with ABBA or ABCA etc.

Materials needed:

  • Paper template with circles to mark the pattern spots
  • lots of dreidels in various colors

I started off a pattern and they had to complete it with different colored dreidels.

 Click here to download the dreidel pattern template.

Stained glass dreidels

This activity takes more preparation but is fantastic for toddlers. I cut out an outline of a dreidel on cardstock, then cut a square out of the center. I covered the opening with a square of contact paper. Make sure you cover the sticky part with the paper lining of the contact paper so that nothing gets stuck to it until you are ready to use it!

Materials needed:

  • contact paper
  • cardstock
  • tissue paper
  • string and hole puncher
  • letter gimmel

I had the 2-year-olds cover the dreidel with tissue paper squares and gave them little Gimmels to stick on as well.

We finished it off with a string to hang over their window and they went home with a beautiful stained glass dreidel.



These easy activities will keep your little ones occupied and help hone their math skills and sensory/fine motor skills. Wishing you a happy chanukah!

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