Chanukah popsicle stick menorah

Here is an easy Chanukah menorah craft to do with your little ones. With few supplies needed, this popsicle stick menorah craft makes a great art project.

Popsicle stick menorah craft free download

I've had my students create this simple menorah each year and it's always a hit. I created a simple outline and then leave it to the students to decorate as they please. You can use colored popsicle sticks or the plain ones and provide markers for the kids to color on their own.

 Materials needed:

Have the child glue popsicle sticks along the lines. Then they can scrunch up tissue paper to create flames and glue them on.

popsicle stick menorah craft

To download the free popsicle stick menorah template, click here.

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 popsicle stick menorah

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