Chanukah puppets, décor, coloring pages and Chanukah party activities!

Are you looking for visual teaching aids to help you tell the story of Chanukah?

Do you need activities for your Chanukah party?

Check out this 30 second recap of the Chanukah story using our Chanukah puppets.


Introducing adorable Chanukah puppets to help you tell the story of Chanukah! I've always wanted puppets and pictures to help tell the story and finally, we have created them! 
This amazing packet has puppets for all the main characters of Chanukah. Antiochus, the Greek army, the Maccabis, Matisyahu and Yehudah Maccabi, Yehudis and Helifornis and Chana and her 7 sons.
There are also images of the different Chanukah customs. Doughnuts, gelt, dreidel, menorah and more!
There are large ones for you to decorate your bulletin boards and smaller ones to use as props while teaching. The adorable and whimsical Chanukah art will be loved and adored by your students and bring the story to life in a visual way.

In these Coloring pages, we have many of the puppets and images for your students to create their own puppets or color as they please. Also makes a great activity for your Chanukah party!

These Chanukah greeting cards are a great opportunity for your little ones to send Happy Chanukah wishes to their family and friends. Best part about them? They're free!

What could be better than bingo? Chanukah bingo! With 2 versions included in one, you are bound to be entertained by playing this game. In your classrooms, at home, with friends and at Chanukah parties. 
There is a regular color version and then a DIY black and white bingo each participant can create their own board. They can color, cut and paste the images onto their board in whatever manner they wish. Sure to be a hit whenever you play it!


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