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10 Mivtzoim Coloring Book

10 Mivtzoim Coloring Book

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11 Coloring pages for your students or family to enjoy, depicting the 10 Mivtzoim / the 10 mitzvah campaigns initiated by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and a Mitzvah tank cover.

Bring the spirit of the Rebbe's 10 mitzvah campaigns into your classroom and home with our 10 Mivtzoim coloring book. These eye-catching drawings serve as a daily reminder to fulfill these important mitzvot and spread awareness of these mitzvos to bring Moshiach now! 

These coloring pages can be used to teach about the Rebbe's mitzvah campaigns on special days in the Chabad calendar: Yud Shevat, Yud Alef Nissan and Gimmel Tammuz.

The 10 Mivtzoim include:
Tefillin - תפילין
Mezuzah - מזוזה
Shabbat Candles - נרות שבת קודש
Jewish Education - חינוך
Family Purity - טהרת המשפחה
Tzedakah - צדקה
Ahavas Yisrael - אהבת ישראל
Learning Torah - לימוד תורה
Kosher - כשרות
Holy Books - בית מלא ספרים

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This coloring book comes with a cover so that you can staple it and create a complete coloring book.

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