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Alef Beis Workbook

Alef Beis Workbook

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120 page Aleph Beis workbook

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What's included?

  • 2 pages of instructions for use
  • A cover in 2 languages, English and Yiddish,
  • 1 activity worksheet for each letter of the aleph beis
  • 1 focused writing worksheet for each letter
  • Homework pages to send home each week

Unlock Alef Bet Mastery with Our Aleph Beis Workbook!

Dive into the world of Alef Bet with our 120-page Aleph Beis Workbook! This comprehensive curriculum is designed to make learning the aleph-beis an engaging and fulfilling experience for young learners.

Key Features:

  • Instructions and 2 Cover Options: Inside this workbook, you'll find two pages of clear instructions to help both teachers and parents make the most of the materials. Plus, we've included 2 cover options, one in English and the other in Yiddish.

  • Letter-by-Letter Worksheets: Each letter includes two dedicated worksheets for focused learning and enjoyment. One sheet encourages key skills like cutting, sorting, matching, and letter identification. The other emphasizes writing skills, enabling children to form the letter with 3D objects, practice tracing, and develop their writing abilities. This all-in-one approach ensures comprehensive mastery while keeping learning engaging and dynamic.

  • Homework for Reinforcement: To reinforce learning, we've included weekly homework sheets that help children solidify their understanding of each new letter.

  • Midway Review: Halfway through the aleph-beis journey, you'll find two review sheets each week. One is for daily practice, while the other is meant to be submitted on Mondays. This review system allows teachers and parents to track progress and provide valuable feedback.

  • Ideal for Home and Classroom Use: Our Aleph Beis Workbook is suitable for both home and classroom settings, providing flexibility for various educational environments. Rest assured, we've tested it in both scenarios to ensure effectiveness.

  • Digital Download: This product is available as a convenient PDF digital download, allowing you to get started immediately.

Unlock the power of Alef Bet with our tried-and-true method. Whether you're a teacher looking to enhance your Alef Beis curriculum or a parent eager to support your child's learning journey, this workbook is your key to Aleph Beis success.

Make learning Alef Bet an exciting adventure today!

Check out our full color Alef Beis train here.

Check out our black and white Aleph bet train here.

Check out our Aleph Beis assessment here.

Link to craft resources here.


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