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Asara B'teves coloring pages

Asara B'teves coloring pages

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2 black and white coloring pages, one with Hebrew and the other with English letters.

Asara B'Teves Coloring Page: Bring the dramatic events of Asara B'Teves to life on paper. The coloring page vividly depicts the Romans surrounding the walls of Yerushalayim, setting the stage for the impactful events that unfolded on the subsequent fast day of 17 Tammuz. The children can see the Beis Hamikdash inside Yerushalayim. You can explain to them that on the 10th of Teves, the Romans made a siege around the walls. The next fast day, 17 Tammuz, they breached the walls and on 9 Av, they reached the Beis Hamikdash.

Educational and Informative: Our coloring page serves as a valuable educational tool, helping children understand the historical context of Asara B'Teves. As they color the detailed illustrations, they'll be visually guided through the events that eventually led to the breach of the walls and the approach towards the sacred Beis Hamikdash. 

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