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Sefer Beraishis Puppets and Props

Sefer Beraishis Puppets and Props

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57 Full color pages of puppets and props for each Parsha in Sefer Beraishis. 

 **Updated with 14 new pages of puppets!**

Enhance Your Parsha and Chumash Lessons with Sefer Bereishis Printable Puppets!

Dive into the world of Sefer Bereishis with our stunning collection of 57 full-color pages of puppets and props for each Parsha. Bring the stories to life like never before, making your lessons more engaging and memorable.

Our printable puppets are designed to elevate your teaching experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Vivid Characters: We've included all the main characters, allowing you to explore the tales of Sefer Bereishis in a fun and interactive way.

  • Dress Them Up: Take your lessons to the next level by dressing up the characters. Watch as Yosef dons his colorful coat, or as Esav's goat skin fits on Yaakov when the time comes to receive the brachos.

  • Interactive Props: In addition to the characters, we've included various props that can be attached using sticky tack or tape. These props add an extra layer of interactivity to your parsha and chumash classes.

Teaching Sefer Bereishis has never been easier or more hands-on. Your students will be captivated by these adorable puppets and engaging artwork, ensuring that your lessons leave a lasting impression.

Upgrade your parsha and chumash lessons today with our Sefer Bereishis printable puppets and transform the way you teach these timeless stories.

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