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Purim DIY Puppets and Coloring Pages

Purim DIY Puppets and Coloring Pages

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12 Black and white coloring pages depicting characters and scenes from the Purim story and its customs. 

Create your own Purim puppets at school or at home with these adorable Purim characters. You can cut them out, decorate as you wish and attach a popsicle stick to tell the story of Purim.

 What is included?

  • Achashveirosh
  • Vashti
  • Haman
  • Mordechai
  • Esther
  • Bigsan and Seresh
  • Mordechai on the royal horse
  • the 4 mitzvot of Purim

and more!

You can cut them out and have the kids decorate their own puppets to bring home, or use as standard coloring pages.


Check out our gorgeous color versions of these puppets!

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