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Preschool Creations

Sefer Vayikra Parsha Drawing Journal

Sefer Vayikra Parsha Drawing Journal

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16 Parsha Drawing Journal pages for each parsha in Sefer Vayikra + instructions and sample images. Includes options for single parshas and double parshiot.

Discover our Parsha Drawing Journal, a delightful tool for young learners to engage with the weekly Parsha. Encourage creativity and storytelling as children draw and narrate the Parsha independently. Watch their skills and confidence grow with each page.

Each week, the child will trace the parsha name and draw their own depiction of the parsha. There is space below the drawing for an adult to write what the child drew in the child's words. When you get to the end of the Book of Vayikra , staple it together and send it home!

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Learn more about how the Parsha drawing journal is used here.


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